Amidst some consternation, in August 2013 McDonald’s opened a new branch in Temple Bar, Dublin. We, along with many other Temple Bar residents had objected to the planning permission feeling that a large multinational fast food outlet of this kind was simply unsuitable for the area and would be detrimental to small local businesses in the district. Whilst acknowledging that Temple Bar faces many challenges to its original concept as a cultural hub for Dublin, we felt that a McDonald’s would take it even further away from what should be a showcase for what is best about Dublin and Ireland. Earlier this year I (along with many others) sat down with consultants working on behalf of Dublin City Council to discuss how Temple Bar could develop in the future and move towards a new plan for our cultural quarter.

Dublin City Council had refused planning permission to McDonald’s but this was overturned by An Bord Pleanala on the ‘strict terms‘ that they must close by midnight, protect the building structure, and would work on a three year trial.

Yesterday on the way into work I noted a new planning sign had gone up outside McDonald’s so, being the nosey type, I read it. Just one year into their trial period McDonald’s have applied to remain open until 3am.


When reading up on objections made to McDonald’s openings last year I had noted that they use all kinds of tactics to get what they want. They’re a big clever company. But agreeing to ‘strict terms’ 12 months ago and now attempting to change them is simply unacceptable. We will be objecting to these changes to their original terms and we hope that you do to. We will also be asking An Bord Pleanala to review their decision when the three years is up.

All objections must reach Dublin City Council by 17th December 2014. A €20 fee is payable to object. I am currently checking exactly where objections can be made and will post details here asap. If you believe that McDonald’s should not be allowed to overrule the agreements it made, and believe that this is another backwards step for Temple Bar, please lodge an objection in support.